Bring a friend, you'll see why!  You will first enter a terrifying chamber and come face to face with the most horrific spine chilling spirit filled rooms.  This Factory has laid idol since 1856 when the graveyard shift encountered the most terrifying mystery murder massacre.  Yes, all 113 Factory employees were mysteriously murdered in an area of the Factory so large and creepy that the employees referred to this 30 room area of the Factory as Bloodworth Dungeon.  Only one Factory worker barely survived the Bloodworth Dungeon massacre!  However, he was soon admitted to the State Psche Ward where he soon died from mental torment after continously repeating "Bloodworth Dungeon", "Bloodworth Dungeon", Bloodworth Dungeon"...  Now dare to enter this horrific area of the Factory that the midnight shift workers referred to as Bloodworth Dungeon and to this day haunts and terrifies any one that dares to enter.


Enter into an underground  4 D dimensional area of fright that will have you gasping for air as you fight to see through the darkness when you encounter a 4 D Blackout . It's darker than black where even grown men have cried out for mercy !! Crawl your way through a tunnel of corpses where you will become tormented in a vortex of screaming lost souls and experience a graveyard of earth moving corpses. Try to escape this 4 D BlackOut ! Bring a Friend, you'll see why !! 


After leaving 4D Blackout, where you were gasping for air after encountering the graveyard shifts 1856 Factory massacre gruesome corpses, groaning spirits and horrifying Gothic Nightmares, there is now no escaping Phobia Mayhem!  A spell of fears and phobias that haunt all 113 graveyard shift Factory employees souls since the 1856 midnight massacre will enter your psyche and haunt you through this area of the Factory.   Now you'll see why the relentless screams that were heard coming from the Factory weeks and months following the massacre forced the City to board up and close this massive haunted Factory.  All 3  Factory departments within were officially deemed horrific and haunted by the city on October 13, 1856.  In 1996 the City allowed a group of renowned paranormal experts to enter this massive Factory.  Their paranormal expertise confirmed a high intensity of paranormal activity.  This disturbing haunted activity was and continues to this day to be so intense that they referred to this Factory in their report, as the Factory of Terror.  Noted in their report was the disturbing fact that this Factory does encompass 3 massive haunted Factory departments and verify's and supports the truth of the one survivor's documented admission that the graveyard shift employees referred to these departments as 3 haunts combined because of the haunted Factory environment they had to work in prior to the Factory massacre.